Our investments are designed to be commercially viable but we’re not driven by a ruthless pursuit of return. We prefer ideas that can make money and a difference at the same time because we don’t believe those goals to be mutually exclusive. 

We take particular interest in financial wellness, financial literacy, financial inclusion and financial consumer intelligence.

If you qualify for our program we may help you in the following ways:

  • Make a direct seed investment in your firm
  • Pro-bono branding, marketing & growth hacking solutions
  • Connections with our extensive network of FinTech VCs, Incubators & Partners
  • A combination of the above

Our successful investments include: SPARE, an app that helps people automatically round-up their dinner bills to feed the hungry and Remesh, an AI company that is helping firms, including major Financials, better understand the needs of their customers (see our investment announcement here)

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